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New program places a dedicated Trust Officer in RIA offices to generate and expand long-term trust business with high net worth clients and local Centers of Influence


Overland Park, KS (February 28, 2011) – In response to the growing need for RIAs to secure their future with more high net worth clients and long-term trust accounts, National Advisors Trust today announced the launch of its new Trust Marketing Office (TMO) program, an expansion of its existing Trust Representative Office (TRO) program.


The TRO provides RIAs with branded trust services and a turnkey marketing program to grow their trust business.  The new TMO places a dedicated Trust Officer in the RIA’s office to manage the TRO program and market trust services to high net worth clients and local Centers of Influence (CoI).  [A TRO Backgrounder is attached for your information.]


“RIAs realize that in order to grow a sustainable business, trusts need to be in their future,” said Ronald G. Ferguson, CEO of National Advisors Trust.  “Even with the recent tax law changes, over 70% of families with net worth exceeding $1 million use trusts in their estate plans. The TMO program puts the sponsoring RIA in the driver’s seat and helps the RIA build a stronger, more sustainable market position and business model for the future.”


As part of its TMO launch, National Advisors has hired Janet Bandera as Senior Vice President and Trust Officer to be located in the offices of its first TMO, The Moneta Group, based in the St. Louis, Missouri, area.  Bandera, an estate planning attorney, will serve the role of Trust Officer for the newly created Moneta Trust. Moneta Trust is a division of National Advisors Trust and was established late in 2010. Bandera will be responsible for implementing the TRO program, working with Moneta’s investment advisors to consult on trust and estate planning services with clients, and to help in marketing and positioning trust services with local CoI.  Bandera has more than 15 years experience practicing law and providing consultation and advice regarding estate and trust matters.


About TRO and TMO

The TRO program provides RIAs with branded trust services and a comprehensive business development and marketing program targeting local CoI.  TRO establishes a branded trust, either using National Advisors Trust branding or a private label brand incorporating the RIA’s company name.  TRO equips participating RIA firms with refreshed market positioning and an ongoing business development campaign that defines and expresses the RIAs’ differentiated, value-added practice.  The program includes trust-focused training on the basics of trusts, and ongoing trust education and training.  As part of the TRO program, RIAs are assisted with development of customizable marketing materials for development of their referral marketing campaign.


The TMO provides RIAs with a dedicated Trust Officer located in their offices to manage the TRO program and work closely with their advisers to identify and pursue new trust related business opportunities and to stimulate the generation of client referrals from valued CoI relationships.


“Janet Bandera’s experience and expertise in estates and trusts make her an ideal candidate to implement the TRO program for Moneta Trust and establish a repeatable model,” said  Ferguson.  “With the growing opportunities available to RIAs for trust related services, we expect Janet to be the first of many to come as we continue to expand our TRO and TMO programs.”


About Bandera

Bandera is an attorney, author, lecturer and teacher.  Prior to becoming Senior Vice President and Trust Officer for National Advisors Trust, she served as President of the Bandera Law Firm, a practice focused on estate and business planning, and charitable giving.  She is an adjunct faculty member at the Washington University School of Law, teaching an estate planning course in the Masters at Law Program.  She is involved in several local charities in the St. Louis area, including: acting as the Chair of the Planned Giving Committee of the University of Missouri-St. Louis; serving as a Board Member of the Moneta Group Charitable Foundation; and Board member of the Friends of the Humane Society of Missouri.  She recently completed her term as a Board Member of the Missouri Women’s Council after appointment by the Governor in 2009.  Bandera graduated magna cum laude from the University of Missouri-St. Louis with a degree in Business Administration and earned her JD from St. Louis University School of Law in 1995, graduating cum laude.  She is licensed to practice law in Missouri, Illinois and Florida.


About National Advisors Trust

National Advisors Trust Company, FSB, is a federally chartered trust company with assets of more than $6 billion.  Founded in 2001, it is the largest independent, RIA-owned trust company in the nation, and is authorized to do business in all 50 states. The company provides a broad range of trust and custody services uniquely designed and positioned for clients of an RIA, including: an advanced, multi-custodian investment management platform, trust accounting services, referral marketing programs, trust education programs, practice management programs, economies of scale, and other related services to advance the success of participating RIA firms and their clients. National Advisors Trust is a “trust only” organization focused on trust and custody services for RIA firms and is not involved in lending and depository banking functions. For more information on National Advisors Trust, visit


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