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About Us


National Advisors Trust sets the standard of excellence in trust and custodial services.

The mission of National Advisors Trust Company is clear:

To support trusted advisors and their clients with
independent, objective trust and custodial services.

National Advisors Trust provides first-class trust and custodial services with professional attention delivered at favorable costs. With its strong and growing asset base, the company is one of the largest independent trust companies in the nation.

Clients of National Advisors Trust are assured they will receive responsive service and attention to detail while maintaining their trusted relationship and wealth management strategy built with their financial advisor.

Not just for today, but for generations to come.


National Advisors Trust gives you the confidence of knowing your assets are protected by a federally-chartered trust company.

National Advisors Trust is regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), a bureau of the U.S. Treasury Department, and is authorized to do business in all 50 states. It is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). By law, client assets are segregated from the capital assets of National Advisors Trust and are not subject to potential creditor claims against the Trust Company.   
As an independent trust company, our primary responsibility is to ensure the safekeeping of your investment assets. We have built our reputation for security on this foundation of safety and stability.

National Advisors Trust has built a solid financial institution that brings independence, security and trust to clients.

National Advisors Trust ascribes to the highest standards of service as set forth in ISO 9001:2000-an international measure focused on quality management systems and continuous improvement of product/service delivery.


National Advisors Trust understands and respects your relationship with your financial advisor.

Your financial advisor has unique insight into your needs and expectations. Many clients prefer the professional guidance and confidentiality of their financial advisor, and are reluctant to involve a large impersonal financial institution for trust and custodial services. The advisors who created National Advisors Trust built an independent trust company that respects and supports the client-advisor relationship.

With National Advisors Trust, you maintain the relationship you have with your financial advisor, while benefiting from the service of a Federally-Chartered trust company. There is no need to change your investment philosophy, asset management style or portfolio holdings. You will also keep your attorney, accountant or other professional relationships in tact.

National Advisors Trust was founded by innovative financial advisory firms to serve their clients.

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