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Agent for Trustee

Agent for Trustee is an omnibus custody service, which provides administrative support and servicing for Trustees.   This type of service is especially helpful for you or your clients who may be serving as trustee for a spouse or family member’s assets. The acting Trustee retains all fiduciary responsibility, but appoints National Advisors Trust as his or her agent with regard to certain non-discretionary duties listed below. This arrangement provides valuable and efficient trust management to assist in the Trustee’s fiduciary responsibilities.  National Advisors Trust’s Agent for Trustee service provides asset custody, principal and income cash accounting, trust-style statements, and trust officer consultation and support.  In addition, the features of National Advisors Trust’s AdvisorDesk platform are available for use by the Advisor. The Trustee retains access to all account detail and operations through a secure password protected website. Account information can also be accessed by the trust beneficiaries if desired. Client accounts remain fully confidential, supporting all types of assets.

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