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National Advisors Trust Adds three RIAs to TRO Program

National Advisors Trust Adds Three RIAs to

Trust Representative Office Program

 RIAs are seeking trust solutions to meet clients’ growing needs for
trusts and to retain assets through multiple generations.


Overland Park, KS (June 30, 2011) – National Advisors Trust, the nation’s largest independent, RIA-owned trust company, today announced that three new RIAs have signed to participate in the trust company’s Trust Representative Office (TRO) program.


The new TRO participants include:  Strategic Financial Group, LLC (SFG), headquartered in Merrillville, IN; Sterling Financial Planning, Inc., located in Sparta, NJ; and Snow Creek Wealth Management, LLC, based in Nashville, TN.


The TRO program is a trust marketing program that allows investment advisors to offer a full range of trust and trust custody services to their clients under private label branding, with administrative services provided by National Advisors Trust.  National Advisors Trust supports the RIA firms with a proactive marketing program, and provides a steady flow of trust education with ongoing marketing campaigns.  The TRO program assists advisors with positioning for their firms, and generates referrals with Centers of Influence (CoI) in their respective communities.  Additionally, RIAs have the benefit of an active study group of other advisor firms who communicate regularly and share experience, information and strategies regarding the TRO program.


“Each of our TRO firms have their unique reasons for joining the program, and also tend to implement the program in their own way,” commented Ronald G. Ferguson, National Advisors Trust’s CEO.


“We’ve been looking for something like the TRO program for 10 years,” said Chad E. Hassinger, CEO of Strategic Financial Group.  “Our clients are increasingly requesting trusts and turn to us because we have long-standing, trusted relationships with them.  They want us to help manage their assets into the future and to work with their families when they are gone.  If we aren’t named as the investment advisor in our clients’ trusts, those assets are likely to walk out the door and move to an outside trustee when those clients die.  With the TRO program, we can position our firm as the investment advisor for the next generation, while National Advisors Trust handles the administration.  It’s really the way it should happen.”

“We joined the TRO program because it allowed us to extend our personalized family care with trust services that we can provide to our clients,” said Nicholas A. Nicolette, a principal of Sterling Financial Planning.  “Our primary objective is to help clients achieve their financial goals, and trusts have become a vital tool for establishing their family legacy and protecting their assets for future generations.  We have extremely high client retention and our clients depend on us for guidance through all the stages of their lives.  Now, with our partnership with National Advisors Trust and the TRO program, we have an efficient, cost-effective, high-level trust solution to offer clients.  It allows us to maintain our highly personalized client relationships, remain independent, and help our clients meet their legacy goals.”


“We came to National Advisors Trust because we wanted to offer clients trust services with an in-house look-and-feel,” said David Goldberg, President of Snow Creek.  “We loved the TRO idea from the beginning.  We could have private label trust services, along with an investment advisory firm, without having to create and spend time and money on staff, compliance or marketing. We had 15% of our assets in trust accounts and wanted to grow that portion of our business. The TRO program resolved all of those issues, plus we have gotten excellent marketing support, including a personalized monthly newsletter we send to clients.” 


Ferguson added, “It is our belief that the TRO program is the best overall marketing program a trust-centered RIA can implement to uniquely position their firm and to generate referrals from CoI.  Trillions of dollars of assets will transfer in the coming years as the WW2 generation passes assets to the boomer generation, and the boomer generation transitions to retirement. We are doing everything we can to position our advisors to retain and capture as many of those client relationships and assets as possible.”

 About Strategic Financial GroupEstablished in 1996, SFG is an integrated and comprehensive wealth management firm based in Merrillville, Indiana, with additional offices in Illinois and Indiana, to implement its TRO program.  The firm’s wealth management solutions are grounded in financial planning, with client relationships that are structured to last a lifetime and beyond.  SFG’s holistic approach begins with well-constructed and dynamic financial plans that are managed and amended continuously in real-time to achieve clients’ objectives from the present to the future.  Plans integrate the firm’s complete range of wealth management services to meet clients’ goals, including tax, estate, risk management, legal, succession and inheritance, retirement, trusts, and more.  The firm’s team approach assembles professional advisors that specialize in areas that further support clients’ needs, with a team leader for each client who facilitates analysis, collaboration and communication with the client and the team.  Clients get to know all the members of their team and their specific areas of focus. For more information, visit the website at   

About Sterling Financial PlanningSterling is an independent, fee-based advisor, dedicated to providing personalized financial planning and investment services that help clients achieve their goals.  Founded in 1992, Sterling’s vision is to help clients turn their wishes and dreams into measurable goals that are designed to achieve and sustain their financial independence.  Sterling works with clients to develop financial plans that organize, quantify and prioritize personal finance matters and other non-financial goals and lifestyle objectives.  Plans serve as a model “blueprint” for the client’s future lifestyle, and incorporate the full scope of services needed to achieve their goals: investment management, risk management, tax planning, retirement planning and estate planning.  Plans are dynamic and designed with flexibility to adjust to unexpected changes as needed and maintain a focus on what’s important.  Sterling is headquartered in Sparta, NJ.  For more information, visit the website at 

About Snow Creek Wealth ManagementSnow Creek has been helping clients build, preserve and manage wealth for more than two decades.  Snow Creek’s unified approach to wealth management brings together all elements of financial planning and investment advisory services to connect-the-dots in clients’ financial lives.  Snow Creek is committed to providing services that consolidate and simplify financial planning for clients, with transparency, convenience, and trust gained through core expertise and a track record of success working across generations.  The firm offers a full scope of highly personalized services that include: wealth management, estate and financial planning, retirement planning, wealth transfer strategies, investment, risk management, strategic asset allocation, tax planning, trust services, and more.   Snow Creek’s headquarters are located in Nashville, TN.  For more information, visit the website at 

About National Advisors TrustNational Advisors Trust Company, FSB, is a federally chartered trust company with assets under administration exceeding $7 billion.  Founded in 2001, it is the largest independent, RIA-owned trust company in the nation, and is authorized to do business in all 50 states. National Advisors Trust supports over 135 shareholder-RIA firms located in over 40 states. In addition, the trust company also offers trust administration services to non-shareholder RIAs. The trust company’s Trust Officer Inside strategy is a blueprint for trust-centered RIA firms to uniquely implement a trust marketing program from a passive trust interest, to active trust marketing support and all the way to having a trust officer inside the RIA firm. This strategy is supported by the trust company’s private label trust program, the Trust Representative Office (TRO) program.  National Advisors Trust also offers AdvisorDesk, a multi-custodian technology platform with advanced, portfolio management, model-based rebalancing and a trade order management system. National Advisors Trust is an RIA friendly, “trust only” financial institution focused on trust and custody services for RIA firms and is not involved in lending and depository banking functions. For more information on National Advisors Trust, visit 

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