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Press Release July 25, 2011

National Advisors Trust Announces that JoycePayne Partners has joined

the Trust Company’s Growing Shareholder Base

JoycePayne joins National Advisors Trust in response to clients’ increasing demands for trust services, and access to custodial and banking services. 

Overland Park, KS (July 25, 2011) – National Advisors Trust, the nation’s largest independent, RIA-owned trust company, today announced that JoycePayne Partners, a financial and investment strategy firm, has joined the trust company as its newest shareholder.  JoycePayne Partners has offices in Richmond, Virginia, and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


“In recent years, we’ve seen an increased demand from clients for trust services,” said Michael Joyce, President of JoycePayne Partners. “Becoming a shareholder with National Advisors Trust allows us to provide preeminent trust services to clients as part of our personalized, customized offerings.  It also gives us access to a wide range of additional custodial and banking services for our clients.  Overall, National Advisors Trust is a great fit for accelerating future growth, expanding our comprehensive financial management solutions, and helping support our close relationships with clients as their personal Chief Financial Officer.”


As past Chair of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and the NAPFA Consumer Education Foundation, Joyce was very familiar with National Advisors Trust, as well as other options available to JoycePayne as the firm conducted its due diligence.  “I know 50 of National Advisors Trust’s existing shareholders, and have always had a very positive impression of the trust company.  We looked at other options, but becoming a shareholder with National Advisors Trust gave us everything we were looking for and more.”


Ronald G. Ferguson, CEO of National Advisors Trust, commented, “Having JoycePayne as a shareholder with National Advisors Trust is beneficial for both firms. JoycePayne has a strong presence in the Mid-Atlantic states, which is a great addition to our network of advisors. With their success and leadership expertise, they will be warmly welcomed to our study groups of other advisor firms who communicate regularly and share experience, information and strategies.”


In the past two years, National Advisors Trust has seen its shareholder base grow following the introduction of expanded trust services and launch of new private-label trust programs.  Ferguson continued, “JoycePayne is forward-looking in adding trust services for its clients.  Through their unique approach as the family CFO, they maintain extremely close relationships with clients, which gives them clear insight into their clients’ current and future needs.  A lot of National Advisors’ growth in the past couple of years has been from RIAs adding our trust services because they recognize that client asset retention and future growth and profitability rest with trusts.  Trust services, along with our custodial services and multi-custodian technology platform, have been a strong draw for RIAs.”

 About JoycePayne Partners

JoycePayne Partners is an independent, fee-only SEC-registered investment advisory firm providing comprehensive financial and investment management strategies that serve the best interest of its successful clients, families and institutions.  JoycePayne works closely with clients and families as their personal Chief Financial Officer, delivering personalized, customized service. The firm’s mission is to provide innovative financial management strategies and solutions tailored to the unique circumstances of each individual, family and institution it serves.  For more information about JoycePayne Partners, visit

 About National Advisors TrustNational Advisors Trust Company, FSB, is a federally chartered trust company with assets of more than $7 billion.  Founded in 2001, it is the largest independent, RIA-owned trust company in the nation, and is authorized to do business in all 50 states. The company provides a broad range of trust and custody services uniquely designed and positioned for clients of an RIA, including; an advanced, multi-custodian investment management platform, trust accounting services, referral marketing programs, trust education programs, practice management programs, economies of scale, and other related services to advance the success of participating RIA firms and their clients. National Advisors Trust is a “trust only” organization focused on trust and custody services for RIA firms and is not involved in lending and depository banking functions. For more information on National Advisors Trust, visit  

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